About Us

Wagyu Breeders of America was founded when a group of breeders recognized the need for an organization that protected the integrity of wagyu. They understood that wagyu’s Japanese heritage creates a great legacy that compels preservation. As a result, WBA believes the entire breeding process, from the ranch to the table, should be held to a standard that bolsters the trustworthiness of the breed and imbues the consumer with confidence. Through consistent labeling and the use of DNA-verification we can accomplish just that.

When it comes to serving ranchers, we stick to this straightforward approach. Through consistent pricing, easy sample collection, and reliable customer service we can be a tool for ranches of every size and shape. We are dedicated to listening to our members and always welcome comments and questions. Knowing wagyu is a superior product was the catalyst for our formation and the inspiration for all we do. We are committed to bringing together those who strive for growth in the wagyu industry and believe that by working collectively wagyu will remain the elite breed.

Wagyu Breeders of America Rules Handbook

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